What are capers used for?

Capers are used by the mediterranean people in a wide variety of culinary applications. The unique citric, lemon-like flavor of the capers makes them excellent to use for seasoning.

Capers are also used for garnishing. The most common uses of capers are in pasta salads, salads and pizzas. The use of capers with smoked fish especially salmon is very popular.

Besides salmon, capers can also be used with other smoked fish. The citric and lemon-like distinct flavor of capers goes well with many Italian culinary specialties such as Chicken Piccata and the Italian puttanesca pasta.

Capers are an integral part of Sicilian and Tuscany culinary. Capers are also used as an additional ingredient while making tartar sauce. Many restaurants serve capers as an alternative to olives in martinis and other assorted drinks.

While capers are ofcourse popular, the Greeks also love and cherish the caper leaves. Caper’s leaves are pickled by the Greeks and later used with salads and fish. Caper leaves are a specialty in Greece and it is hard to find them elsewhere.

Capers are respected by culinary arts specialists because of their mellow citrus and salty flavor. Capers have extensive usage in culinary arts and cooking and are already bringing delight to many food enthusiasts.

Undoubtedly, the love for capers will continue to grow and it’s popularity soar. Ever tried capers with grilled sardines, meat, grilled chicken? The possibilities are endless.

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