What are capers made of?

Capers are pickled caper buds made from the caper bush plant. In essence, a caper is a flower bud. These capers are picked during harvest time and dried well in the sun. They are then pickled with salt, vinegar or a mixture of salt and vinegar. In some cases, capers are simply drained.

Capers are the flower buds of the caper bush which grows in certain Mediterranean countries. Capers are highly popular in Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and other countries.

Capers are used in salads, pastas and other culinary preparations, especially in Italy. Capers are often used as a seasoning or to simply garnish foods. If not picked in time, the caper bud matures into the caperberry fruit or caper berries.

Caper berries are also pickled in a similar way and are served alongwith lunch and dinner on many mediterranean menus. Capers are used by culinary arts enthusiasts all over the world.

The higher cost of capers is due to the labor intensive picking of the buds. This is a manual process, similar to picking tea leaves, and takes a lot of manpower and time. As a result, due to the high manual labor intensiveness in harvesting and picking caper buds, the cost of capers is high.

So, the next time you see pickled capers and wonder why capers are costly, you’ll know that someone, somewhere, spent hours manually picking them. This justifies the high cost of capers because they are indeed special and distinctive.

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